April 10, 2011

Waltworks Design Services

I recently designed a bike for a fellow who needed something quicker than I could build it – but wanted me to do the design work so that he could find a fabricator with a shorter waitlist.

For the record, I’m happy to do this. I have designed over 400 road, mountain, cross, track, and even BMX bikes at this point, with probably 90% of those being 29ers – which just might make me the most experienced 29er builder on the planet. Got a unique fit question or want a bike designed for you (or a significant other)? Not a problem at all.

Complete custom designs, including phone and email consultation, start at $150. I will provide a frame design spreadsheet specifying every detail (including mitering angles and all tube specs) with sufficient information for any experienced framebuilder to construct your bike. I will also be happy to recommend stock frames which may be close matches to your design. If you’re a large bike manufacturer or company, I consult on design questions on an hourly basis.

Satisfaction is guaranteed – if you are not happy with the fit or handling of the end product, I’ll refund your money.

To get started, simply send me an email and ask for a fit sheet/explain your project.