May 12, 2011

In the news – plus thoughts on some parts and geometry

We made the paper – though admittedly it is only the Durango Telegraph.

Few thoughts on stuff I ran/rocked at the 12 hour race last weekend:

-E.13 cranks. These kept coming loose. They’re a cool idea (BB30 spindle in a standard English shell) but man, I don’t understand why they won’t stay tight.

-Maxxis Ikon EXO tires. These are the bee’s knees for racing. Great traction, fast rolling, and as far as I can tell, impossible to flat. I hit a lot of chunky square stuff at speed and felt the rim bottoming – but no problems for the tires.

-Short chainstays (415mm) and slack headtube (69 degrees) – wow, I love this bike. It was perfect for carving the tight turns, and it was also perfect for getting up and down all the little 1-2′ ledges that littered the back side of the course. I literally thought it was the perfect hardtail for this race (though to be fair, I think an FS bike would have been faster overall).

-1×9. More gears than I needed on this course. Whenever SRAM decides to make a 10 speed gripshifter, I’ll be on 1×10 – front derailleurs will be dead for high-level racing sometime soon, I think. And good riddance.

-100mm of travel/through axle for XC. 80mm is dead. So are quick releases. I will never go back.