June 20, 2011

Boulder’s Car/Bike Wars – my take

Some of you may have heard that a cyclist was killed here in Boulder on Friday when a large truck failed to yield turning left and struck him.

I do not road ride much (precisely for this reason) and I normally try to avoid confrontation with cars. But this case outrages me (to be fair, all the evidence is not yet in, and I will happily apologize/eat my words if the cyclist turns out to be at fault here) because the driver involved previously was charged (and plead guilty) to reckless endangerment for a previous road-rage incident involving a cyclist in which he attempted to force the bike into oncoming traffic (how this is only a misdemeanor baffles me).

I am normally not a vindictive person, but I hope this death haunts Mr. Loven for the rest of his life. And I know that if I were looking to install a wastewater system, I would NOT hire Mr. Loven’s company, Power Earth Septic Systems.

‘Nuff said. Rest in peace, Eugene.