June 3, 2011

Now THAT is a bribe…

Thanks Joel! For the rest of you, this is the perfect way to put a smile on the face of a hopeless drun…er, I mean professional framebuilder. Happy Friday!

Of course, I am assuming it is actually tasty… have had some gnarly homebrew before. I’ll give a full report after the weekend.

Sarah and I are off to Vail to watch some of our climbing acquaintances compete in the Bouldering World Cup at the Teva Mountain Games (go Carlo! Go Alex! Go Garrett! Sorry Columbia wouldn’t spring for the entry fee, Nic!) and perhaps do the citizen’s comp as well. No, I am not planning to race the MTB race – the course is really lame this year (not the fault of the organizers, there is too much snow to really go up on the mountain at all) and I’m not motivated. We may ride downvalley where things are drier, though.