July 19, 2011

Bike riding Honda mechanic needed!

Yes, our beloved rusty 1991 Accord has blown up something in the transmission. I am hopeful that it’s just a leak that can easily be fixed (I know the immediate problem is lack of transmission fluid, most of which is now decorating the floor of the Table Mesa park/ride).

In any case, if you’re a Honda Mechanic, or have a friend who is, and like bikes – drop me a line and let’s do some trading! I’ll build you a bike or at the least hook you up with some parts (depending on how dire the situation is with the tranny… um, I mean car). And yes, if you figure out that it’s $3k to repair my $1k car – I will of course still compensate you for your time, even if the car ends up on the scrap heap.

Edit: obviously, I should have entitled this “Dire situation with a tranny” or something. But I am not that creative.