August 12, 2011

Moody Blues… I mean greens?

Obligatory self-deprecating intro: I once attended a Moody Blues concert. And thought it was cool. God I was lame when I was 15.

Sorry. The title was an attempt at a joke, since this bike’s owner’s surname is Moody. Apparently I am just as lame now.

On to the bike. This is a classic “squeeze a small person onto 29″ wheels” XC setup:

-59cm/23.2″ toptube

-96mm head tube/39cm seat tube/29″ standover

-71/73 angles. I am not a believer in slacking back the head tube angle and steepening the seat tube angle to make a bike appear smaller in terms of effective toptube (size small production 29ers are notorious for this – many of them have LONGER wheelbases than the medium size). You end up with a bike that *fits*, but handles like crap with wheels way too far in front/behind the rider.

-Nice shortish 43cm chainstays, with a direct mount front derailleur mount (though there’s no derailleur right now) and 2.3+ tire clearance.