August 14, 2011

Sunday Quick Rant: Mismatched Rims Rule!

Folks, front wheels don’t see nearly the kind of heavy loads or abuse that rear wheels do. It’s not silly or weird to use different rims on the front and rear of your bike – for example, I run a Crest on the front, and an Arch on the rear on my XC bikes, because that way I don’t have to build a new rear wheel every year, and I save some weight on the front wheel. And in my experience, front wheels are basically unkillable unless you run into a tree, or land sideways off a jump, and at that point, ALL front wheels taco, no matter what rim you’re on.

You can of course use rims from different manufacturers, beefier rims, whatever. I sell *custom* frames, and with that, you can get a *custom* wheelset – that means mismatched rims are not a problem at all. If your friends give you too much crap about it, just take the stickers off, and nobody will ever know.