September 9, 2011

Done with Willie!

Long and low – Willie’s got a 24.8″ toptube but only 18.5″ seat tube and a pretty short (~4″) head tube. Why? Ape arms!

It’s also got short-ish (425mm) chainstays and a moderately high BB for Willie’s long cranks, but plenty of standover.

Non-suspension corrected rigid fork, sliders, singlespeed only – this is a hardcore bike. In fact, probably too hardcore for me, these days. I’m a suspension sissy more and more – though if I lived somewhere a bit less rocky, I might reconsider.

Willie also kept it old school by requesting/demanding *single bend* chain and seatstays. Whew! Takes me back to, say, 2008 or so!

Just kidding. Almost everyone wants s-bends these days, though. I almost didn’t remember how to do the single bends!