September 21, 2011

The Waltworks Headshok!

Don’t try to order this, yet. It is still very much a prototype – but it does open up the possibility of lightweight 29er (or 36er!) suspension forks, without all the problems of the Actiontec (short travel, poor bearing/piston life, etc). Of course, the difficulty is getting your hands on the actual hydraulic unit/steerer to begin with – in this case Dave found a used one somewhere and had it stripped down in order to cryofit (ie, dunk in liquid N2, then press into the lowers).

Note that I did not make the frame (it’s a Cannondale, natch) and I had nothing to do with those flames!

Thanks to Dave for the photos. I’m going to try to find myself an old headshok to play with for a 36er project sometime soon, so if you’ve got something, drop me a line – maybe we can make a deal.