October 28, 2011

Quick picture for Steven

All I have to say is that S&S couplers AND sliding dropouts makes for a heavy frame – but at least you can keep your wallet a little fatter when you fly with your bike.

As usual, geometry breakdown:
-Geared or SS
-71* HT, 73.5* ST, 12.2″ BB
-Built for 80mm travel or (not pictured) a rigid fork
-425-445mm chainstays (adjustable with the sliders)
-Plenty of clearance for any XC-ish tire (ie, 2.4 or smaller will fit)

This is an all-around XC setup for Steven’s upcoming trip to Guam, and then to wherever his travels take him after that.

Also, quick announcement: Garro and Dicky won the pop quiz. But it does not seem like either of them wants the fine, fine sleeveless jersey… should I do some modeling to change their minds?