November 27, 2011

Old School

Thanks to Reven for the picture – this is her 2005 vintage WW (so, somewhere in the first 30 or so frames I built, though I’m not sure exactly what number), being ridden this weekend at Steele Creek Park in TN.

I’m about to build her an “update” of the same basic setup – it’s interesting to see how much the way I build things has changed over the years, along with the overall evolution of 29″ bikes. By my current standards, this bike has really long (for a singlespeed) chainstays at 44cm, a very short/steep front end (71.5 HTA and 38mm rake), no seat tube sleeve, and tiny tubes (31.8mm downtube on a 29er?) that are probably underbuilt for the punishment that Reven deals out (I was such a weight weenie…) Tire clearance kinda sucks too, so that will improve as well.