December 16, 2011

Holy Head Tube!

Randy is a very tall (6′ 6″) guy. He’s one of only a couple of people this entire year who I’ve built a frame for that I am not big enough to comfortably ride (for reference, the biggest person I’ve ever built for is 7′ and 400#!)

The rear end of the bike looks *tiny* behind that 8.5″ long head tube! And Randy is still going to need spacers to get his bars to saddle height! But it’s not small in any other dimension either:

-71 HTA, 73 STA, 27″ effective toptube!
-21.7″ seat tube!
-465mm chainstays (that’s at the *front* of the slot – they’ll go back as far as 485mm)
-13.3″ BB height for 190mm cranks
-Built for an 80mm suspension corrected rigid fork (and possibly down the road, a tapered steerer fork) with an insanely long steerer (I’m leaving it uncut at 14″ and letting Randy figure out how much to cut off…)
-True Temper Supertherm front triangle (beefy!) and Deda S-bend chainstays (also beefy) with some oversized hand-bent 19mm (I usually use 16mm) seatstays.
-Internal cable routing, Paragon sliders, downtube cable routing for gears in the event that Randy wants to run them.
-Probably will be close to 6 pounds by the time it’s back from the powdercoater.

This might be the biggest frame I’ve built this year.