December 13, 2011

New stuff out the door

Shipped out Kurt’s FS bike and Andy came to pick up his near-opposite rigid hardtail today as well. Interestingly, Kurt was getting an FS to join the hardtail I built him a few years ago, while Andy was doing the inverse and adding a hardtail to join his FS.

As always, a quick geometry summary.

Kurt’s 29″ FS:
-71 HTA, 73 STA
-18″ seat tube, 24″ (61cm) toptube
-100mm travel front/rear, with a TALAS fork that can go to 120 travel (and slack back the HTA by a degree) when needed.
-45cm chainstays, 29″ standover
-Direct mount derailleur, tapered steerer, all the new stuff.
-For all-around XC, with TALAS for the gnar (if needed)

Andy’s 22# Rigid Wonder:
-71 HTA, 73.5 STA
-20″ seat tube, 24.6″ (62.6cm) toptube
-Zero travel! But suspension corrected for 100mm if Andy wants some bounce down the road.
-44cm chainstays, 32″ standover
-Direct mount, no taper, nice XTR 2x build. Sick!
-For going uphill fast, and downhill somewhat less fast than on his dualie, probably.