January 5, 2012

In which I sell out

For the record:
-Nobody pestered me into this.
-This is actually Walt, and not his evil clone.
-I am aware of my previous statements regarding curvy-swervy tubes and how I think they’re silly.
-I await your taunts and cruel japes in the comments.

That said:

I got a tubing roller. Yes, the kind of device you use to make long, smooth curves in things like seat tubes (the main impetus for the purchase), toptubes (gah!) and even twin toptube/seatstays (double gah!)

I thought long and hard about whether I should just build the darn thing (it’s basically two plates that sandwich some rollers, with a threaded rod to push down on the drive roller, so not that complex) but the siren song of Harbor Freight was too strong to resist. $150 later (plus about $300 worth of decent rollers to replace the junk HF ones from the good folks at Swag Offroad, I can bend stuff over long radii. In fact, I was excited enough that I curved some .035×1″ tube just for fun… which was probably a bit silly, since that tubing has other uses and now I have to order more.

My main use for this will be for 36ers and super short stay 29ers where I need the seat tube out of the way of the tire. Yes, I have been kinking them, but some people hate the look, and I want the option not to have to weld the toptube in to the same spot as the kink in order to reinforce everything.

I actually counted them up, and I have 4 different seat tube-moving techiques:
-Offset the seat tube on the BB shell, or even move it to the downtube.
-Cut/weld the seat tube to kink it.
-Do a cutout on the seat tube.
-And now, curve the seat tube.

Anyhow, if you’ve got a project in mind that involves curves, I’m now equipped to do it.

I’m also equipped to suffer everyone’s mockery for my blatant hypocrisy.