February 13, 2012

Ian’s 29er

Just a quick picture and a few words. This is only the second time I have been asked for a brown frame – but I actually think it looks pretty good. And it certainly won’t show dirt as well as, say, white or something.

In any case, quick geometry rundown. Ian lives in Boulder so he rides the same stuff I do, and he wanted something similar to his old 26″ Fisher in the handling department, but with 29″ wheels and parts that weren’t totally trashed from 10 years of abuse.

-71 head tube, 73 seat tube
-61cm (24″) effective toptube, 43.8cm (17.2″) seat tube
-12.2″ bb height, 43cm chainstays (42.5cm effective)
-Extra H20 bosses under the downtube for extra H20 on epics

In short, an all-around XC setup for Boulder. Good stuff, nothing crazy. Ian even took my advice on the mismatched rims (Crest front, Arch EX rear) if you look closely. Ian is supposed to bring his saddle when he comes to pick the bike up, as of now it’s a super-light standing-up only race machine!

Also: flat bar with bar ends?!? Haven’t seen that in a while.