May 16, 2012

Mark’s 29er

Mark was worried that nothing about his frame was cool enough for the blog, but never fear, there are all kinds of cool features here!

-HT at 71 degrees, ready for a tapered steerer fork
-ST at 73 degrees (offset on the BB shell for tire clearance)
-BB at 12.8″ for lots of ground clearance in Pisgah
-Effective 62.5cm/24.6″ toptube
-42.5cm/16.75″ chainstays (42cm/16.5″ effective)
-Paragon sliders, s-bends, all the usual fun stuff, plenty of room for a 2.3 or so with the wheel slammed

In other words, a bike for handling the twisties, roots, and rocks, which will hopefully fit and ride just the way Mark wants – IMO those are the things that make a bike “cool”, not gimmicky junk or weirdness just for the sake of being weird.