June 4, 2012


Another HUGE bike. The picture really does not do the size of this thing justice – you have to take a step back and realize that it’s got a 22″ seat tube before you can really grasp the scale here.

And if Jeff can’t wheelie on this bike, he can’t wheelie anything, because it’s got 41cm chainstays (which, for someone as big as him, seems a little crazy… but he can always swing the sliders back if the front end won’t stay down, I suppose).

This has some fairly unusual features. To whit:

-Very short stays for such a large frame, as mentioned above.

-Very oversized curved seat tube to fit a 31.6 dropper post.

-Big long tapered-steerer friendly head tube.

-Supertherm (the BMX version of OX platinum) top and downtubes.

-Guides for a dropper post and stops for 1x use, but no front derailleur ever, no matter how much Jeff wants one.

-70 degree HTA with a 100mm fork. Goes to 69 degrees if you swap out for a 120mm.

-160mm head tube, 56cm seat tube, 65cm effective toptube.

-Roughly 12″ BB height, despite the fact that Jeff is going to run 190mm cranks. This was his call in the end – I recommended a higher BB, but he loves to sit low, so that’s what he got.

-41cm (effective)/41.5cm actual chainstay length. Super, super short. A 2.4 will fit tightly with the sliders slammed, or nicely with them slid back 5mm or so.

-73 degree effective STA, though the ST is bent almost 10 degrees.

-135mm spacing, though with a switch of inserts, you can go to 142mm (the sliders shown are just the beat-up ones I use as dummies to hold things together when welding; Jeff will get the nice new post-mount version)

All in all, this should be a wheelie/manual/bunnyhop machine up in Canadia for Jeff. Hopefully he’s as used to pedal timing as he says, though – man, that’s a low BB for 190s!