June 26, 2012

No more bikes for fast people

So I went out and tested my flabby new-parent legs on the climb up from the bottom of Doudy Draw to the top of Springbrook this morning at like 5am, when the temperature was less than 100 degrees. I figured I’d see how fast I could do it, but without absolutely killing myself. Keep in mind that I’m used to basically getting off the couch and being faster than everybody uphill.

It took a smidge over 11 minutes. I figured 12 was fast, so I was happy, since I’ve been on the couch for most of the last 6 months.

Then I got home and realized someone might have STRAVA’d that bit.

Dave, I hate you. Give back that bike I built you. Now I have to go do the damn climb again or maybe get back in shape. Or just call it good and hope for the big fish/small pond effect in Utah…

Edit: fixed the Strava link.