September 28, 2012



Geometry breakdown:
-69.5 head tube angle, set up for 100mm travel taper/thru Fox. Bomber.
-42cm chainstays (41.5cm effective) with Paragon postmount sliders.
-23″ effective toptube and 644mm front center
-74 seat tube angle, 11.9″ BB height, s-bends, 2.4″ tire clearance, blah blah blah.
-Not pictured is the direct mount derailleur mount that I still need to put on, as well as a second set of cable guides for the rear derailleur.

And yes, my descent into hypocrisy and irrelevance continues – this frame has a totally functionless curved toptube, just because Kevin wanted it to look different. I can only hang my head in shame and await your cruel barbs and jests. Dicky, I’m looking at you…