September 19, 2012

New powdercoat info

So I’ve been in SLC for a while now and I’m in the midst of dealing with every framebuilder’s nightmare scenario… (cue ominious music)…

Finding a new powdercoater.

Luckily, with some help from Greg over at Beehive bikes, I got the hot tip on the only local guys who know what they’re doing with bikes (they’re BMX folks and also racecar dorks). One catch, though – they don’t do the media blasting side of things to get the frames clean and ready.

So long story short, for the time being, all frames and forks have to go through a 2-step process. I first drop them off at Utah Soda Blasting for cleaning. Then I pick them up and take them over to Powderworks.

This is probably going to mean *slightly* longer lead times for frames and forks (hopefully no more than an extra week). If I figure out a way to get it done quicker, I will.