September 8, 2012

The long-awaited non-whining UT post

A while back, I whined about the things I don’t like about Salt Lake City.

Cue the waaaah-mbulance!

Now it’s time to even things out and talk about the stuff that rocks. 5 things, list style, no particular order.

1. The riding is awesome. The shoreline trail and offshoots is a 5 minute ride from my front door, and there is a lot of fun stuff to ride on it – at least 20 miles of worthy trails, and I’m still exploring. Red Butte is a darn fun little section, even though everyone told me “no fun for bikes”, so I’m thinking I’ll do a bunch more exploring on some of the “only fun for hiking” trails. Park City… can’t say enough good things. I’ll be on the computer desperately trying to get into the PCP2P for next year…not to mention the Draper 50, Heber 50, etc, etc.

2. Our house is in a great location. Less than 15 minutes to:
-Epic Brewing
-Squatters Brewery
-Lots of good grocery stores
-The U
-The very awesome Pie Pizzeria and Pharmacy Deli ($3 shakes you eat with a spoon!)
-Some great bike shops, including my personal fave Beehive.
-The LDS Temple. Oh, wait, I don’t really care about that. But it’s neat, I guess.

3. People are insanely friendly. We’ve made friends with all our neighbors, pretty much instantly. We went to the DPS (where you get your drivers license) and instead of a 5 hour Kafkaesque ordeal like in CO, it was 30 minutes and the friendly, competent (!) employees cracked jokes with us and cooed at our baby. Awesome.

4. Houses are cheap, cheap, cheap. We have a 1700 square foot house in a primo location, with a kickin’ shop/garage, for less than our condo cost in Boulder.

5. The grid is kinda awesome. Need to figure out where you are? No problem, it’s just Cartesian coordinates. Navigating around town is dead easy. Yes, there are a few one-way streets and such that you can end up having to drive around to get to where you want, but honestly, it’s pretty insanely easy.

We like it, in short. It’s going to be a fun time – think about coming out and visiting and watching your bike get built if you’re interested.