October 16, 2012

36er tires – Order now

Tires are in stock and shipping within 1-2 business days of your order!

PLEASE NOTE that the production tires came in heavier than our preproduction samples. Approximate average weight is 1625g.

-Cost is $125 per tire.

-Shipping costs are included for residents of the lower 48 states.

-If you live outside of the continental US, please DO NOT ORDER using the buy it now button. Contact us for a shipping quote and we will send you an invoice.

-If you wish to purchase a large quantity of tires (10+) please contact us for a quote, we may be able to save you some money on shipping

Vital statistics:
Size: 36″ x 2.25″
Weight: 1625g +/-40g
Tubeless Ready: Yes
Max PSI: 65
Bead: Wire
TPI: 36
Durometer: 60 Shore A

These tires are significantly lighter (you’ll save more than a pound per tire) than the competition, which help you accelerate more quickly and reduces the weight of the wheel at the rim allowing for faster/longer rides with reduced effort.  They are tubeless ready and setup well allowing for lower pressure and more grip. Bicyclists have found 18-23psi to be a good range while unicyclists have gone a bit higher to 32-40psi. 

Tread pattern lies between a Kenda Nevegal and Schwalbe Racing Ralph in terms of tread depth and design, creating good grip across a wide range of terrain and conditions while maximizing speed off-road and on.  Tapered and ramped center knobs along with ramped transition knobs provide traction and control, while tie bars connecting the triangular transition knobs to side knobs help with cornering.