December 18, 2012

And that’s probably the limit… Absurdium pt. 3

Couple shots of the new silly project (yes, it’s for me). This is a pretty small tire (just what I had sitting around, it’s a Specialized something or other 2.0″) and it’s only got 15mm of space to the bottom bracket shell. Note the generous side knob clearance – this sucker can’t go any shorter without running into trouble with bigger (ie 2.3+) tires and clearance to the bottom bracket shell – because it has 400mm (that’s 15.7″ for the metric-challenged) chainstays. Heck, the effective (ie level with the ground) chainstays are 39.4cm/15.5″!

Gadzooks, you say, why? Well, because I’m a silly, silly person and I want to see how it’ll ride. I was dubious about the original , but I ended up loving it…so why not keep pushing the envelope? I love experimenting on myself, hence the various curved tubes, prototype dropouts (there will be more about those once I get the go-ahead from the manufacturer), offset rear end, etc, etc.

Geometry numbers for the curious folks:
-29″ wheels, of course
-69 HTA, 97mm trail, 65.8cm front center
-73 effective seat tube angle
-59cm/23.2″ effective toptube
-42.3″ wheelbase. Yikes.
-For a 100mm tapered steerer fork
-305mm/12″ BB height
-40cm/15.7″ actual and 39.4cm/15.5″ effective chainstays
-5mm offset rear end (requires a custom zero-dish geared rear wheel and 56mm outboard chainline), standard 73mm english shell
-Clearance for a 2.4″ tire (but not a Knard, sorry)
-1x only – no front derailleurs allowed
-My usual long head tube and seat tube
-Way more curves than are necessary
-4.4#, give or take a few grams.