January 5, 2013

Stop driving your ****ing cars

I am honestly considering wearing my welding respirator to go run errands. Come on, Salt Lake, this is the 21st century. I know it’s an inversion, but we can do something about it if we give a crap.

For those who are unfamiliar, 35-55 is the “unsafe for sensitive people” (ie old folks, babies, asthma sufferers). We are blowing right on past the top of that range (50% above it!) to “might as well just take up smoking unfiltered cigarettes” and “go **** yourselves, kids with asthma”

And yes, I know that geography makes things tough here. I own a car too, but you know what? I refuse to drive it except in an emergency when there’s an inversion. Ride your bike, walk, carpool, take Trax…it’s not like we have no control at all over the problem.

If the winter stays like this, I can tell you that we’ll be moving away in 2013, with no regrets. We knew if could be bad but wow, the reality is much worse than I imagined.