January 14, 2013

The new hawtness – Ceramic Coatings

I’m using a cool new word I learned on the interwebs in that title. Meaning that I’m totally hip to the newest lingo.

Or maybe not. But I do have a new option (I know, I know, I just recently tried to do away with upcharge option crap) for those of you who want something blingy and newfangled (and lightweight, too) – you can have your frame (or fork, or both) ceramic coated.

The coater has just done my own FS frame (pictures coming next week when it gets here) and I’ve been  happy with the work he’s done on other stuff, so without further ado:
-For a frame, it’s an extra $210.
-For a fork, it’s an extra $100.

That’s for a single color. If you want multiple colors, gloss clearcoats, or other options, the cost will go up. Contact me if you want a specific idea quoted.

What do you get? Very good durability (note that I have not verified this myself yet), light weight (50-100g lighter than powdercoat, depending on the specific item and powdercoat), cool factor. Your call whether that extra cost can be justified. You can see some of what the Ceramikoat guys have done here. 

Color chart is here. They have more colors available as special orders as well.