March 2, 2013

In it for the long haul?

Framebuilders come and go awfully fast – I have lost count of the folks who have put up a shingle and then gone out of business within a year or two (mostly they’re pretty good at building bikes but bad at doing math/running a business – though of course some are bad at building bikes as well). After *almost* a decade of this I think I’m pretty much a lifer unless everyone decides they hate 29ers, or custom bikes, or me (maybe I should start showering more often…)

Shoulder workout!

Anyway, a custom bike with a great warranty isn’t of much use if the company doesn’t exist anymore. So if you’re not sure about my commitment, here’s something to assuage your concern – 1000 pounds of frame boxes (that’s 220 frames worth).

And yes, if anyone is wondering, getting a half ton of cardboard into your attic when the “stairs” are really a rickety pull-down ladder and the entry is about the same size as the boxes themselves is not very fun. Thank god for Car Talk, I would have gone insane this morning moving them up there.