April 24, 2013

Under the Radar: Spencer

I do a lot of work that never appears on the waitlist – repairs for both WW owners and other frames, consulting work on design for individuals and a few companies, and also projects for friends and family.

Here’s the most recent of those – a truly astounding color combo with a couple of curved tubes (toptube for standover, seat tube just ’cause), Rohloff speedhub, and a belt drive for our good friend Spencer to ride around town and get groceries. This is the *polar opposite* of a low-profile townie, of course – better get a darn good lock!
Gates requires frames that will use a Rohloff and a belt to undergo stiffness testing at their testing facility in Golden – I have to admit I was a little nervous sending off the frame (if you fail, you can always run a chain, I guess) as I’ve never spent a lot of time worrying about making things ultra-stiff. Fortunately she passed with flying colors. 

The business

Still need fenders, lights, and all that other fun jazz but she’s ready to roll, basically. Just in time for spring!