May 24, 2013

Oh no he didn’t….

Folks who are SLC locals will recognize this – the lookout on top of Mt. Wire. Almost 3000 feet of climbing from WW world HQ in only 5 miles – ouch! It’s actually a pretty neat ride, though about 5% is hiking (at least for me, at least without a granny gear). The descent is pretty fun semi-techy stuff (I went back down the way I climbed up, will try something different next time) but you’ve gotta watch out for hikers and some of it is precarious/technical/steep/blind cornered. Fun.

As a side note, the climbing traction on Stupidmobile is amazing. Stupid short chainstays FTW!

Edit: Here’s the elevation profile. Yes, it climbs 2000′ in a little over 2 miles on the mountain itself. And yes, it’s mostly rideable. I think there are really only 2 sections I can’t imagine ever riding (though I walked a decent amount more than that this time around). And yes, this means I have gone over to the dark side/lame side and joined Strava.