May 7, 2013

Stolen bike!

After you build enough bikes, sad things start to happen. People run them into their garages. People crash them and break things. People (gasp) stop riding them and take up golf, probably.

But the worst is when a bike gets stolen. And several Waltworks bikes have been ripped off lately – this is the latest. If you see Eszter’s hardtail (it had a Fox on it when stolen) please let me know. It was taken from the campus of CU last week.

Ashish also got his bike stolen in Denver, but thanks to his renter’s insurance he got a brand spanking new one (Ashish, let me know if you want a riser stem to replace that zero rise one!) Nothing like a replacement-value insurance policy – now he’s rolling on tapered/15mm/XX1 bling (plus a bit slacker front end/shorter rear end) to replace the somewhat dated bling he was rocking before.

Needs a stem with some rise?


XX1 is the bomb