May 22, 2013

Too sexy for a chainguide? Or not sexy enough?

So I was pretty excited about joining the modern world and using a clutch rear derailleur. No more dropped chains! No more chainslap!

And for a while, it worked out. Then I figured out how to ride Stupidmobile moderately fast and all of a sudden – every ride down Bobsled was chainless. Fun.

Sexy LX cranks from 2004 or something…
Back to the chainguide, I guess. Chalk it up to the weirdness of the chain angle on a 40cm chainstay frame, or to my incompetence, or whatever you want. I like to be able to pedal…
And yes, that’s a practically new bike. Matte black. Yet to be washed. Crashed, many times. And I wonder why I don’t attract the $10,000 road bike crowd…

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