July 30, 2013

Mike = done

Between trips to the dentist (I need 4 freaking crowns, good lord) and fighting a bit of a hangover (neighbors came over and wine was opened…) I actually got a bike finished today.

And here you go:

Here’s the rundown for the geeks:
-71/73 head and seat angles, 81mm of trail and 643mm front center
-41.5cm/16.3″ chainstays (41cm/16.1″ effective) with enough space for a 2.3 or 2.4
-31cm/12.2″ bb height
-105.1cm/41.4″ (wow!) wheelbase
-S-bends and Paragon Polydrops (QR inserts are shown, Mike will be rocking the 12×142 ones)
-Curved seat tube for tire clearance, toptube for narcissism
-For a 100mm travel tapered steerer fork and XX1/1x drivetrain/no front derailleur

This bike is intended to ride tight twisty midwest singletrack and with a super short wheelbase and steep-ish steering geometry it should certainly be up to the task.