August 6, 2013

Beginner’s luck?

Redcoat says:

Inaugural ride complete!

Ride is very smooth, you can be proud… balance is easy, really does
feel like riding my own bike but with a different weight distribution.
Back fits Sarah well, and has plenty of scope for adjustment as

XT brakes are the dog’s bollocks; I can see a upgrade for my mountain
bike going on the list in the coming years! I like the 15mm bolt
through system; not putting the thread in the fork, but rather on the
bolt, seems like a better idea. The American Classic wheels ough hold
out… if they can handle the downhill track at Winter Park, surely
they are strong enough? I guess I saw a few tandems just riding bog
standard Corima carbon road wheels at the Tour of Tucson, which can’t
be even close to being as strong as these. Well, time will tell!

It doesn’t feel heavy. I’m going to go get the bath scales and weigh
it. I’ll write you back. (update: 38 pounds, so not very light, but not shameful for a coupled bike with mountain bike stuff on it).

Here’s a few pics. Thanks again so much. We are totally into it, so much fun.

Cheers RC