September 9, 2013

Max – done!

Details to follow, here are a couple of photos.

Edit: Ok, geometry info. 
-71.5 HTA, 77mm trail, 63.2cm front center. Max likes snappy handling and the front wheel tucked in close. We tried to move the wheel just a *little* forward to eliminate some toe rub he was having on his previous bike, but it’s still going to be very close.
-41.5cm chainstays (41cm effective) that will adjust back to 43.5cm with a few extra links added. 
-Around 30cm BB height, just a little on the low side but that’s what Max likes – and he’s running 170s. 
-Crazy short 103.7cm/40.8″ wheelbase (with the sliders slammed). Man, that’s short. She’ll definitely love the tight stuff!
-Built with a nice mix of TT OX Platinum and Verus (OX Platinum + tubing roller = disaster, so the curved seat/top tubes have to be made with more bender-friendly stuff), plus some Deda chainstays. Around 4.5#.
-Clearance for a ~2.3″ rear tire. 
-Singlespeed only, despite the (dummy) slider inserts shown in the pictures.
-Built for a 100mm tapered steerer fork.
This is just about as short and snappy as a 29er will get without throwing caution to the wind and running a goofy chainline like Stupidmobile. I halfway wonder if Max will end up slamming the sliders back for longer races/events just to calm her down a bit. Should be super fun in either setting, though.