September 6, 2013

The Ericmobile!

140mm of single-pivot plushness, baby (actually, it gets more like 150mm, but who’s counting?)

Not sure if I ever posted geometry numbers on this bad boy, I’ll check on that later tonight.

Edit: Nope, never posted anything. Here’s the vitals:
-140mm travel front/140+mm travel rear. A swap of rockers will get you to 160 (but also require a longer fork to keep the geometry dialed)
-67 degree head tube angle, 104mm trail, 71cm front center
-43cm chainstays
-63.2cm effective toptube
-ISCG mount, single ring only, 31.6mm dropper post, built with TT Supertherm beefy tubes for Eric’s shredding pleasure
-From somewhat fuzzy memory, the frame with shock and hardware was around 7.5#

And yes, folks ordering an FS frame – I can have the rear end (though not the rockers) powdercoated to match (or not match) the color of the front. Upcharge varies from $50-100 depending on whether the color matches the front.