January 1, 2014


Happy new year, everyone!

2014 announcements!

-Frame prices went up to $1600 as of this morning. If you got caught by surprise by this somehow and can tell me a funny story about your drunken new year’s eve debauchery, I’ll sneak you in at $1500 for the rest of the day.

-Full suspension prices are staying at $2400 for now and I’ve got some fun surprises in store in terms of custom chainstay assemblies (through axle, finally!) and even more customizable rear end geometry (sub-42cm chainstays? full suspension fatbike? all sorts of fun stuff is on the table…if you’re very bored, you can see a blurry pic of the initial prototype here.)

-I’ll be back in the shop this coming weekend and am going to try to get a lot of work done over the next 3 or 4 months because….


We’re adding a little girl to the Waltschuler family in June!

(if you’re curious about how we know it’s a girl, you can read about this cool new non-invasive test here – among other things, this tells you, assuming you want to know, the gender of your baby)