May 11, 2014

After I spent all that time…


…saying that nobody wanted 29+ fat-front bikes… local SLC guy Paul wanted one. Here it is, as yet undecaled, on the maiden voyage. Of course, he didn’t actually mount the 3″ front tire yet, either, so that giant fork clearance probably looks silly from a different angle. And refusing to cut your steerer tube seems to be a theme around here.

Geometry for the bored:
-69.5 HTA (with the Knard – it’s probably almost a degree steeper with that skinny tire in the pic) and 55mm offset fork (yup, Jones-style) for 85mm trail and 637mm front center.
-Non-suspension-corrected with curvy skinny blades that Paul calls “probably the most compliant fork I’ve ever ridden”
-42cm chainstays and 305mm BB height.
-Plenty of room for a big 2.3-2.4 tire in the rear, room for anything Knard sized or smaller in front.
-Curvy everywhere.
-A (!!!) Niner EBB. Yes, I actually found an EBB I like. I still like sliders/rockers/etc better but as of now, I will build you a single/non-tandem frame with an EBB as long as it’s a Niner one. Thanks to the Niner folks for coming up with a design for an EBB that sucks less!