June 13, 2014

Things are getting hectic… but bikes are still getting built!

Sarah is not particularly enjoying having a stomach that looks like there’s a basketball shoved in it, but she’s still riding her bike to the bus to go to work – pretty badass!

That being said: we could have a new baby at any moment, basically, with the official due date only 2 weeks off. So if I drop off the radar for a few days – that’s what’s happening. We will have a steady stream of helpers here for the first month or so so I’ll be able to continue working and getting bikes out the door, never fear. You’ll be subjected to baby pictures, probably.

Here’s a shot of William’s replacement 29″ freeride frame, done and ready to head to sunny Australia. 40cm effective chainstays and clearance for 2.4, baby… but man, why couldn’t I screw something up for someone who lives next door?