June 10, 2015


Don’t freak out, it’s just so Mark can use the neat Niner EBB that fits the PF30 shell (we needed 83mm width, too, which made a normal EBB too much of a pain).

Sarah’s new bike getting packed up in the background.

Rohloff, 29+/26×4, loads of mounts for everything imaginable… should be fun!

Loads of room.

One Comment on “Pressfi-what?!?

November 27, 2015 at 4:15 pm

Nicely written. Alex does itsirenteng things and understands his brand promise: always busy with something. I’ve got an old Trek 8xx series bike in the basement. As soon as I get a set of torches, I’m going to replace that overstressed seat binder. They don’t make wheelbases like that anymore.

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