July 19, 2015

3″ tires? 425mm chainstays?

There are some caveats, but man this thing is going to be fun when it’s done! And no, that swingarm won’t be attached to this frame. I just bolted it up to play around and give it a little night ride test.

2001 LX cranks are still awesome. Cable guides? Who needs cable guides?

One Comment on “3″ tires? 425mm chainstays?

November 27, 2015 at 4:14 pm

Dave,I have not had any problems with the belt denraliig with my new CenterTrack set-up. I’ve been in snowy conditions 3 times this season that would have surely derailed the belt on my older non-CenterTrack belt. I ve been running Endomorphs front and back since I got my Pugsley back in 2006 when all you could get were Endomorphs. I use my Pug almost 100% for snow, nothing else. I’d switch to a front Larry if I weren’t so cheap .and will when I’ve worn out the Endomorph. If there is only one thing I’ve learned about snowbiking, with over 3,000 miles on snow with my Pug, is conditions change daily. Like you noted from the first day to the second. No tire will work for all snow conditions. No single air pressure setting will work for all snow conditions. I usually start each snow ride with the pressure between 10-12 psi. Once I’m out I lower the psi till I find the sweet spot for the day’s conditions. Some days it just isn’t working at 7.5 psi, but drop it to 6 psi and it’s like magic. Once last February the snowmobile trail near me was groomed while the temperature was around freezing. That night the temps plummeted down to -10. The freshly groomed trails turned to concrete. I rode them with my tires at 15 psi. The only time I’ve ridden snow with the pressure that high. It was like riding on the paved road. So my advise to any new snowbiker is to play around with your tire pressure ..a lot. You’ll be surprised how much difference a few pounds of pressure make.

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