August 1, 2015

The preliminary list – worst bike names ever/marketing survey

Waltworks bikes don’t have model names, since each one is different. But there have been some terrible bike names in the past (IMO Intense and the gun-name thing in the 90s/2000s was the worst).

But we’re eating pancakes on a fine Saturday morning and thinking of terrible bike names. Feel free to contribute in the comments (no super offensive ones, please) and I’ll edit!

Would you ride a Waltworks:

Spirit Animal?
EPT (are you listening, Niner? You need a women’s model. Call me, we’ll negotiate royalties.)
Bougie Camaro?
Peyote (for Niner, LSD)?
Oliver North?
Duff (probably a bonus copyright violation too)?
FFUD (shoutout to REEB)?
Humpy the Moose?
Dapper Dan?
Finnegan’s Wake?
Coach Z?
Oedipus (get the ReXTR build)?