September 11, 2015

Son of Braap?

If you don’t remember Braap (don’t hurt yourself tomorrow, Chuck!), here’s the original post and a picture after a quick rattlecan job for the Miner’s Day parade.

Clint is getting what I’m calling son-of-Braap. All the tweaks I wanted to do the first time around, 27.5+ wheels instead of 29+, and 120mm of travel instead of 100. Probably a little more practical for the kind of riding the plus bikes excel at (ie, chunk) and a more reasonable wheel for those folks who aren’t giants like Wayne. It’ll also have 415mm chainstays (yes, that’s right) with clearance for up to an 85mm tire. Yowza!

I’ll do a full post with lots more pictures, but since I fried my brain peeling green chiles in the cold and then went on a night ride and encountered porcupines, moose, and deer, I’m going to turn in for tonight. Have a great weekend, everyone!

One Comment on “Son of Braap?

Colin C
September 12, 2015 at 10:16 pm

Rattlers, tarantulas, cyclopic night birds, scorpion, fox, and a pair of unidentified eyes.

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