October 22, 2015

On plus bikes, jealousy, and the shortest chainstays you’ll probably ever see


Montana’s going to be killing it.

I build a lot of bikes that I think are going to be really fun for their future owners. That’s my goal, after all. But it’s relatively rare that I’m actually jealous – sure, that gravel grinder, or townie, or 27.5 aggro all-mountain hardtail all look fun, but in most cases, even if the customer’s bike fit me right, it’s not *exactly* what I was thinking of building for myself (but didn’t have time to). Of course I have a long list of exciting and potentially horrible (though they seem to usually turn out pretty well!) projects on the back burner at all times. Wouldn’t make any sense not to dabble, since I’ve got the tools, right? Normally, though, the backburner projects aren’t stuff that ends up in the hands of a customer.


Screen shot 2015-10-22 at 2.28.35 PM

Fun times.

Montana’s bike… is pretty much my dream singlespeed. Or at least it’s damn close. I probably wouldn’t like the high BB, but that’s about it.

Let’s go to the numbers, briefly.

So, super short chainstays (as short as I can go without cutting up the BB shell and making him run a square taper BB, anyway) at 415mm… sounds good. 68.5 HTA, sounds pretty darn good… clearance for 29×3″ tires, rocker dropouts for singlespeeding without relying on the crap-ass ENO hub on Stupidmobile…check. Montana’s got a Rohloff capable dropout coming to him and some cable routing to match for when he wants gears. Sharp rocks everywhere + derailleurs… not good.



Plenty of room for normal cranks/73mm BB

The BB is high, but that’s because Montana rides where rocks are plentiful and casing a steep roll-in can be real, real bad. In Park City it’d be way too high for most folks.

Long story short, this bike is making me want to do one of my own. Sadly, the season is ending and I have lots of other bikes to build… so Stupidmobile can breathe easy at least until spring.

And yes, this kind of thing, along with all the other weird/wild/fun stuff I am always doing, is available to you and to anyone else. Want 390mm chainstays on your 29er? Let’s do it. Want a fatbike you can run narrow-Q cranks on? Want something you’ve dreamed up that I’m not smart enough to think of? Bring it on. I love this kind of project even if it makes me horribly jealous when the box goes out the door.

7 Comments on “On plus bikes, jealousy, and the shortest chainstays you’ll probably ever see

October 24, 2015 at 3:20 am

This looks pretty close to me dream machine too. Awesome!

October 27, 2015 at 6:42 am

Pretty close to my dream frame as well, just bigger.

390mm stays? Isn’t there a point of too much of a good thing? Or should the stays just be part of the overall geometry puzzle, IE tiny 29er = really short stays, giant 29er for a 6’5″ dude, longer stays. I guess that’s why you buy a Walt frame, you get whatever you want…

October 29, 2015 at 5:37 am

What chainline do you need to clear the stays? Is this thing spaced for a 135 hub?

October 29, 2015 at 7:32 am

You could do a ~50mm chainline with a small ring (ie 28t range) but it’s intended for a Rohloff or SS mostly. So 55mm chainline (in which you can use any size ring you want). Symmetrical 135mm rear spacing, though you could swap inserts and do 142×12 if you so desired.

November 27, 2015 at 6:19 pm

if the 650b really does have a liltte bit of both sizes it could be the ideal bike here in Utah where we have a lot of climbing, technical terrain, and downhill on almost every single trail. I break it down like this Flat regions with XC and light trail = 4 inch 29ers all the way, no brainerMountainous region trail or all mountain riders = 5 or 6 inch 650bHardcore Downhillers = 26 inch

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October 29, 2016 at 4:27 pm

Chariot in the back there? You must have small kids.
Build yourself one of these:
I had one and it really is awesome. You can ride actually singletrack with it, and even on the road it rides smoother than the chariot.(but only 1 kid).

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