November 15, 2015

Miss Piggy *finally* rolls!

Don’t freak out because you didn’t see Chuck’s name on the waitlist recently. I wasn’t building his bike and not yours – I built his frame over a year ago, and he slacked off putting it together until now. In fact, Chuck probably had the first 150×15 axle rigid fork on earth back when I built it. Not so amazing now that Blutos are commonplace. Is anyone else just astounded by the rate at which Fatbikes change? Things are obsolete in a matter of months!

Screen shot 2015-11-15 at 10.44.20 PM

Yes, BikeCAD does colors

But this bike is still¬†pretty boss. Pink, raw fork with polyurethane for some protection, reasonably short stays/slack angles, and plenty of clearance for a 5″ tire (the 4.7″ Barbegazis are lost in there). 30.9 stealth dropper capability, Bluto-friendly, rear through axle… not obsolete yet. Give it a few weeks and the drone-launching bays that bolt only to the a DB2015 standard 45.5mm downtube will come out or something.

Plus: horrible yellow grips and green hubs… a color disaster. Yet it’s my most “liked” photo ever on Instagram, go figure.



We even have snow! For now…

Chuck cut his steerer, though, so he’s kicked off the Waltworks team. Where is he going to hold his bagels and donuts now? Jeez.

Lucky for me, this thing is (about) my size. Maybe I’ll stop riding BRAAP on the snow and take out a modern fatbike for once. Or maybe if nobody ever buys my old fatbike frame ($400, anyone?) I’ll just put the darn thing back together and ride it this year.