March 11, 2016

Need a nice bike for a small kid? Waltworks is now a Cleary dealer!

As much as I’d love to build custom bikes for kids, most parents (including yours truly) think it’s a little bit too much money, especially when the bike will be outgrown in a matter of a year or two in many cases.

But Walmart bikes suck so much that you can’t get your kid out on the trails easily.

There’s a nice middle ground, luckily (actually, there are now several) – I’m carrying the full line of bikes from Cleary. These are nice powdercoated steel frames with *kid friendly geometry* that are totally trail-capable and *light* so that your 35 pound 4 year old doesn’t have to try to ride a bike that weighs 2/3 of her own weight. Parts like brake levers, saddle, and cranks are specifically sized and designed for children’s bodies – no more grabbing an adult brake lever with all 4 fingers, or struggling with cranks that are too long.

Jeff at Cleary put a lot of thought into these, and it shows.

Feel free to email or call with questions, but here’s the basic lineup:

Starfish: 12″ balance bike with *hand brakes* and real pneumatic tires – yes, you can take your 2 year old on singletrack!

Gecko: 12″ singlespeed with or without a coaster brake, and front/rear hand brakes. 15.8#

Hedgehog 16″ singlespeed. 16#

Owl 20″ singlespeed. 19.1#

Meerkat 24″ 1×9 drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes. 24#


Need a rad ride for your little (or just somewhat little) one? Call me up. Want a crazy custom rig for your little daredevil? I can do that too, of course. 🙂