April 28, 2017

Waltworks segmented fork blades – now available.

Fork1I get questions all the time about what I use for fork blades on segmented forks. Until recently, the answer was “my massive stash of NOS True Temper single butted 1.2/.8 seat tubes” and “they’re not for sale, sorry”.

Last year I had Fairing (supplier to Nova and others) make me a batch of fork blades, and I’m offering them for sale now that I’ve done some building with them to make sure they work the way I want.


Here are the specs:
– 1 1/8″/28.6mm OD
– 65/50/385mm x 1.2/taper/0.8mm
– 4130N (not heat treated)

These are appropriate for forks up to 510mm length or so (though you could cheat and raise your crown race up higher on the steerer if you really wanted to go crazy) or as short as you want, and I regularly use them for riders up to 220 pounds with any brake configuration (if using a disc tab, I recommend the Willits style mounts but I’ve done them with other styles as well without problems). You can safely add anything cage/bottle/etc mounting points. No warranty is implied – appropriate use and joinery is up to the end user/builder. 

TIG, fillet, or bi-lam, no problem. You can do anything you want with them. Keep in mind that the thick section is only 65mm so if you’re making a massive fillet or a huge bi-lam lug thing you should make sure you’re leaving some room for the HAZ and be confident in your heat control/speed.

Blades are $30/pair + $5 shipping. I’m happy to give you a special deal if you need 5 or more. If you are outside of the United States please contact me for a shipping quote.

Click here to order from the fabulous WW e-commerce page.