November 16, 2018

Maybe my dumbest screwup ever = your big (literally) opportunity…

I built Ted a totally sweet fatbike that takes 27.5×4.7s or 29×3. We spent a lot of time designing it, and it’s got a sweet custom powdercoat.

Sounds great, right? Well, guess who put the wrong dummy axle in the jig… yes, I built it for 177×12 instead of 197×12. It’s a long sad story, but basically I just wasn’t paying attention.

So I’m building Ted a new frame, and this one is available. It will work great for someone who is willing to run a smaller (28t or smaller) chainring. Nothing bigger will fit without screwing up the chainline. And yes, it takes the narrower cranks that are designed for 177 rear ends.

It’s for a BIG person, you should be in the 6’4 to 6’8 range to even consider it (for perspective, Ted’s saddle height is 850mm!)

The bike takes a 34.9mm dropper post (or normal rigid post) and will fit pretty much any 27.5 fatbike tire you want to run as well as any 29+ tire. It’s built burly and will work fine for clydes. Full build kit is of course available (Ted is keeping the fork but I can build you a nice rigid fork for it if you’d like).

Only $900 takes this frame, folks. My dumb move is your lucky day? Drop me a line if you want to chat about it or have questions.