The new is here!

Check it out, I have an actual website! It’s still a work in progress (thanks for all your hard work, Giff!) but it’s a big step up from my black page with a few bits of text. There is a new blog at and I will no longer be updating this one, but I […]

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Ron – done

29 with clearance for 27.5+ seems to be all the rage these days. Fun way to have 2 bikes in one (though IMO the 27.5×3, 29×2, 26×4 bike is the way to go if you really want the Swiss army knife effect!) This one is an all-arounder with Rohloff capabilities as well as the usual […]

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David – done

Another Pinhead fork, too. Super aggro long front center/slack/low/short chainstay 27.5+? Another customer bike I’d like for myself. Damn you, Dave! Dave also has the distinction of being the first to get a boost (110×15) spaced rigid fork. In his case it’ll swap out with one of the fancy new Lyrik 27.5+ units. Yes, another […]

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