Probably the best deal in history for a travel bike


SOLD Noah is selling his oldie-but-goodie Waltworks travel frame/fork and he asked me to post here so that he can reach a wider audience. This bike predates the era of sliding dropouts/disc brakes/etc, but it could still be a great gravel-travel-all-around bike. Need a parts kit? I’m happy to provide whatever you want. SOLD Vital […]

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Fall cleaning continues!

Fox Factory series Transfer dropper post (new model). 150mm drop, 31.6 diameter, 450mm length. Internal/stealth routing. Installed and ridden once/barely used. Includes remote. $250. SOLD Fox Performance series Transfer (the new model) dropper post. 100mm drop, 31.6mm diameter. 355mm length, remote included, internal routing. light use, in great shape – $200. SOLD Notubes/Crest 29er wheelset. […]

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Today’s dose of humor


Occasionally, I get a really bizarre phone call – people want all sorts of weird stuff, it turns out. In most cases, I politely decline to build whatever the person is asking for, offer a bit of advice and perhaps a reference to someone perhaps able to do what they want, and we part ways […]

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Fall cleaning!

-Lightly used (couple rides) 30.9x125mm travel Thomson covert dropper post w/remote. SOLD. -Rockshox Pike 29 140mm travel fork. 100×15 spacing, 198mm/7.75″ tapered steerer. In great functional shape/perfect seals and bushings with a bit of anodizing missing on the crown where housing rubbed. Black. SOLD. -Notubes Crest 29″ wheelset. XD driver on the QR/135 rear (can be […]

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A new one for Sarah

IMG_5760 (1)

First, the easier to explain bike (tomorrow I’ll talk about the “Ultimate Warrior”) – I built Sarah a new FS plus bike (her first plus bike, and her first FS bike in probably 10 years!) as she’s off to do a 2-day DH class and learn about getting big air and such. She’s an XC […]

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Do not, not, not do a 6 hour overnight flight with a 4 year old and a 2 year old. I’m going to sleep. Bike building updates tomorrow. Mahalo!

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Frame price increase June 1st


The fine folks at the ISU Westlake (insurance broker) did their best but my rates continue to climb, and there is a major tubing supply disruption/problem on the horizon about 6 months out (more on that soon) – so starting June 1st, frame prices will increase: -Hardtail/unsuspended frames $1750 -Full suspension frames $2850   As usual, current […]

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