This week: Finish Sam, I hope. 

We are dealing with the unexpected moving-in of my mother in law this week. Work will be slow. My apologies.

FYI, powdercoats are taking a LONG time right now. Expect 3-4 weeks wait for powder.

Waitlist updated: 6/13/18

Current frame wait time: ~3 months 
Current fork wait time: about 4 weeks.


Current Waitlist

NameDeposit DateNotes
Jeff D9/21/17On hold for ??? per Jeff's request. Jeff you go to purg if we get to June.
Ted L10/16/17Waiting for 8pins dropper...forever. Come on, 8pins!
Danny H10/23/17At powder 5/31
Devin M12/20/17At powder 5/31
Jacob R1/17/18Shipped 6/3
Brian V (fork)1/24/18Waiting on final design info from Brian.
Sam S2/6/18In progress
Cale W2/12/18Starting design/waiting on fit info
Cameron D (fork)3/15/18design finalized, waiting for steerer
Steve L4/2/18
Zach L4/30/18
Matt M5/12/18
Dave S5/31/18
Carl D6/3/18
Erik S6/13/18



Eric NMichael R
Kjetil EJared R
Sean RArnd S
Masaki OGreg E
Rich BAndrew C
Mike MNoah S
Sean RJon F
Dereck HChris H
Murthy K