This week: Road Trip to CO, back in the shop 10/22

Special Note: My powdercoater is moving to a new shop. Anticipate longer lead times for powdercoat for the next few weeks.

Waitlist updated: 10/16/17

Current frame wait time: ~5 months 
Current fork wait time: about 8-10 weeks.


Current Waitlist

NameDeposit DateNotes
Danijel K2/9/17Complete, awaiting pickup
Martin M From PurgatoryAwaiting more info from Martin
Chris H3/13/17Going to purgatory in 5 ... 4... 3... 2.... Chris, seriously, I need your fit info!
Jefe B5/15/17At powder 10/2
Corey K5/25/17At powder 10/15
Dean A5/29/17
Murthy K7/12/17
Nate W7/13/17
Andrew M7/27/17
GianCarlo C (fork)8/4/17Complete, to ship pending through axle from Paulcomp
Noah S8/5/17
Gus M (fork)8/30/17Complete, to ship today
Jasper K8/31/17
Joe R9/5/17
Jeff D9/21/17
Mico O (fork)9/23/17At powder 10/9
Andy J10/10/17
Jamey H10/12/17
Ted L10/16/17



Eric NMichael R
Kjetil EJared R
Sean RArnd S
Masaki OGreg E
Rich BAndrew C
Mike MNoah S
Sean RJon F
Dereck H